Crying Babys


 Crying Baby - causes, symptoms and tips:

Cause: milk nutrition:
A major cause can be flatulence. Especially with a few weeks old baby, the digestive system is not quite mature. A foam is formed in the abdomen, which is difficult to escape and builds up pressure, which is perceived as a nagging pain in the child.

Cause: Drinking behavior:
It is not crucial whether a child is breast-fed or bottle-fed. It is crucial that by rapid drinking larger amounts of air is swallowed. This is easily done if the children are too greedy or if they are too horizontal.
A too big suction hole on the bottle can be the cause.

Her baby's stomach feels hard. Her child bumps and winds are released. The child is whiny and pulls convulsively together. The complaints can often occur at the same time of the day.

If the symptoms start for the first time or you are unsure, it is best to contact your pediatrician to rule out other risks.

What can you do?
General measures can help alleviate flatulence and calm your child:
Avoid bubbles in the milk vial, make sure you have the right vial size, take time to feed and breastfeed. The rush of the mother can also be transferred to the baby. As breastfeeding mother watch out for bloating foods and avoid them
Furthermore, a gentle abdominal massage as well as the baby's help in the flying grip can help after breastfeeding or feeding.

Help with Sab Simplex of Lefax drops:
Gentle help with painful flatulence. The suspension can be conveniently placed in freshly prepared vials, or with a small spoon directly in the cheek pouch.


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