FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we? 

Welcome to Eumed, by sonnen-apotheke.
We are a real authentic German pharmacy with a history of 3 generations and we are still here because we love what we do. 
Thank you for your visit and interest in our products and services. 
These are our identification data’s: 
Ingo Blümlein e.K
Kleiner Löwe 8
D-46446 Emmerich, Germany

How do I look for a product?
For more details information’s about searching a product please see out “Tip’s & tricks” ( How to use our search engine) 

I could not find a product?
There are 2 main reasons for not finding a product. Because our web is directly connected to German data base for pharmacies ABData, you will be able to find only products approved for German market and available for selling at the time you do your search. 

  • product is not registered for German market
  • Product is not available from producer at the moment
  • the product has another name

Please use the contact form whenever you need more information’s.  

How do I order?
You can order in 2 ways. 
You can place a quick order as a guest or by creating an account. We recommend to create an account. In this way our system will keep your login information’s and ordering will be easier at your next visit. 

How do I pay?
Please see our “Payment” column on homepage. 

Prescription drugs:
In case you order a drug that needs prescription our system will automatically announce that during the order process. In this case you have to send us the original receipt from your doctor. 

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