Schussler salts

Schuessler salts - a salt for everyone and everything

Schuessler salts therapy is a popular healing method in naturopathy. Many complaints can be alleviated with the help of Schuessler salts, or they do not even occur after preventive intake. Especially in self-medication and everyday use, the Schuessler salts are a widely used alternative to conventional medicine. It is therefore all the more exciting to look at the background of the therapy with Schuessler salts.

Support for every cell

Minerals have functions as building and operating substances in the body. Schuessler himself said about minerals:

A sufficient amount of minerals (= quantity) is the first requirement for the structure of the body and the metabolism. These minerals should ideally be included as part of a healthy diet. As consumables, the specifically prepared Schuessler salts aim at balancing the mineral ions inside and outside the cell and thereby support the regulation of the mineral balance.

High dilution, strong efficacy

Schuessler was already familiar with the problem of high-dose mineral intake. Today, the knowledge is much more differentiated and scientifically proven. For example, too much zinc interferes with the copper metabolism, thereby inhibiting iron utilization in the body.

These consequences cannot occur with the mineral intake according to Dr. Schuessler, because of the dilution. There are also no "antagonists" and exclusion effects of various Schuessler salts. Therefore, various Schuessler salts can be taken simultaneously as cures.

The intake of classic mineral supplements can be supplemented by Schuessler salts! For example, good results have been obtained with the intake of Schuessler's salt Nr. 2 Calcium phosphoricum D 6 simultaneously with calcium supplements. But also the simultaneously intake of Nr. 3 Ferrum phosphoricum D 12 is useful for iron preparations.

Which Schuessler salt is the right one?

Depending on requirements, different Schuessler salts are available for use. Different resources can be combined with each other. Below is an overview of minerals according to Dr. Schuessler and their appearance in the body.

No. 1: Calcium fluoratum - the salt of the skin and connective tissue
No. 2: Calcium phosphoricum - the salt of bones and teeth
No. 3: Ferrum phosphoricum - the salt of the immune system
No. 4: Kalium chloratum - the salt of the mucous membranes
No. 5: Potassium phosphate - the salt of the nerves and psyche
No. 6: Kalium sulphuricum - the salt of the cell interior
No. 7: Magnesium phosphoricum - the salt of the nerves and muscles
No. 8: Sodium chloratum - the salt of the liquid household
No. 9: Natrum phosphoricum - the salt of the acid-base balance
No. 10: Natrum sulphuricum - the salt of excretion
No. 11: Silicea - the salt of the skin, hair and connective tissue
No. 12: Calcium sulfuricum - the salt of dynamics
Melt Schuessler salts in the mouth

Due to the practical dosage, our tablets are the most popular form of ingestion. The tablets should be melted separately in the mouth. The mineral molecules dissolve from the tablet and are absorbed by the oral mucosa. The generally recommended dosage in chronic cases is to dissolve one tablet in the mouth once or three times a day and in acute cases up to six tablets a day.

Mineral tablets according to Dr. Schuessler are pharmacy-only drugs, which are manufactured according to the guidelines of the homeopathic pharmacopoeia and are therefore only available in pharmacies. According to the homeopathic pharmacopoeia, lactose (milk sugar) is always an excipient.

Hot 7:

A special feature of the intake is the "hot 7". 10 tablets of the Schuessler salt No. 7 Magnesium Phosphoricum are dissolved in 0.2 l of boiled, hot water. The application is recommended for acute complaints. The type of application is also suitable to avoid unpleasant flatulence.

Dissolve the Schuessler salts in water

It has also proved useful to dissolve the Schuessler salts (tablets or powder) in water:

dissolve the daily dose in one liter of water
hold each sip in the mouth for a moment so that the mineral molecules can be absorbed through the oral mucosa
drink the mixture throughout the day

Unlike the Schuessler salt tablets, which may cause residues to settle flakes on the bottom of the vessel during dissolution, the Schuessler salt in powder form dissolves completely and clearly.

For further advice we are happy to be at your disposal. Our pharmaceutical team is also specialized in the field of natural healing and homeopathy and will gladly help you further.

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